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Our History

“O’Connor’s Index Company” was originally located at 125 W. Madison Street, Suite 2601, Chicago. The phone number was Franklin 3340. So says the earliest title search yet found in our files, dated October 28, 1929.

Four generations later, now known as OConnor Title Services, Inc., the company is owned and operated by John R. O’Connor, Jr. and conducts business at the 1. North LaSalle Street in downtown Chicago, only a few short blocks from the original location.

As OConnor Title continues to grow today, we strive to maintain the personal touch of a smaller company while, at the same time, servicing the needs of large and moderate volume customers. We continue to seek ways to provide the quickest service at the most reasonable prices.

When you call our offices today, you can always speak directly with people who can help, and not to a lengthy mechanical menu. We believe in convenient closing services. And, yes, we still make house calls.

Meet Our Staff